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EQB Live Stock Price
Q3 2022
Nov 8, 2022

Initial 2023 guidance shows ROE performance to continue including the benefit of Concentra Bank TORONTO, Nov. 8, 2022 /CNW/ - EQB Inc. (TSX: EQB) (TSX: EQB.PR.C) ("EQB") today reported its...

Our Business Lines

With more than 1,800 employees across Canada, the Bank serves Canadians through two business lines: Personal Banking and Commercial Banking, and six primary consumer brands.

Personal Banking

Personal Banking operates through three business lines: EQ Bank, Residential Lending, and Wealth Decumulation (reverse mortgages and insurance lending).

Personal Banking serves over 350,000 Canadians, with total loans under management of approximately $31 billion. Its diversified product suite consists of deposits, single family loans, home equity lines of credit, reverse mortgages, and insurance loans. Our savings products are offered through EQ Bank, Equitable Bank, Equitable Trust, and a network of independent financial planners and brokers. Equitable Bank and Equitable Trust are each members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking operates through five business lines: Business Enterprise Solutions, Commercial Finance Group, Multi-unit Insured, Specialized Finance, and Equipment Leasing.

Commercial Banking serves nearly 20,000 Canadian businesses and has over $24 billion in loans under management. We lend through a network of mortgage and leasing brokers, lending partners, and other financial institutions. Commercial loans involve lending on multi-unit residential, industrial and office buildings, and other commercial properties. Our businesses compete based on service excellence, the breadth and strength of our partnerships, and our in-depth knowledge of target markets.

Open Banking

We are dedicated proponents of Open Banking, with a goal to deliver a better, more seamless banking experience for all Canadians


We are committed to running a sustainable, socially-responsible Bank through our Environmental, Social and Governance practices

Executive Bios

We are led by a diverse group of highly experienced executives, with decades of specialized leadership amongst them

Reasons to Invest
Proven track record

We deliver long-term shareholder value through measured growth and financial discipline. We choose to play in areas that we can win and constantly explore ways to challenge the status quo. Our ROE is our north star and we have consistently delivered on this metric, averaging an ROE of 16.2%* over the last 10 years.

*This non-GAAP adjusted measure is as of September 30, 2022 and is calculated by taking the average of the last forty quarters’ ROE. Each quarter’s ROE is defined as net income available to common shareholders as a percentage of weighted average common equity outstanding during the period.

Leading Canadian digital bank

We offer Canadians the chance to get more out of everyday dollars by earning high interest and not paying fees for everyday banking. We serve those who are looking to do things differently and aren’t getting all that they need from their traditional bank. The trend is catching on: more than 290,000 (and growing) Canadians have opened an EQ Bank account.


We are one of three Banks in North America to host its core banking system in the cloud, enabling scalability for our personal and commercial banking solutions. We operate using a strategic partnership model that allows us to create and collaborate with fintechs and other tech-enabled organizations to offer borrowing and lending solutions for people and businesses.

Fortress balance sheet

We are guided by our prudent risk appetite and benefit from our differentiated underwriting expertise, and as a result, we operate with very low credit losses. Our loan book is almost 100% secured, and we hold first credit position on all loans. We have made drastic enhancements to our sources of funding over the last 5 years and continue to diversify our funding stack through EQ Bank, covered bonds and more.

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